Johannesburg buying old computers

SWAPitOUT is a one of the original salvage companies assisting Johannesburg and surrounding areas with the buying of old laptops, phones, tablets, sound equipment, IT equipment
and buying of used computers, end of line stock, Damaged stock

We pay cash for computers and IT equipment

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Looking for a new laptop, but don't know what to do with your old one?

Its simple, Trade it in.
We will trade in your old or existing laptop or computer and reduce the price of that laptop, pc or other device like a phone or camera you're looking to buy. That means not only are you recycling IT products which is great for the environment, as well as helping someone else get an affordable deal. You are also saving on that new laptop you've been wanting. It's a win win..

We take in all laptops, computers and other electronics of value. We do a simple assessment and offer you a price off your new laptop or pc or camera or other item of value. If you're happy, we do the trade ... simple as that.

Buying and selling of any salvageable commodities in Computers
or any other industry.

* End of line Stock.

* Damaged Stock.

*New and secondhand goods bought and sold.

*New and secondhand computers bought and sold.

*New and second hand laptops bought and sold.

I.T Procurement, electronics, electrical goods, tools, vehicles, food commodities, fast consumer goods.

Re-use and recycling.

Secure data destruction or backup technology.

Thorough inspection to discover re-usable items for network resale or destruction.

Any of these industries - You are in the right place !!

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Here at we buy used and previously owned laptops and notebooks as well as computers. We are currently seeking volume suppliers of surplus used notebooks, used laptops, computers and other electronics. So we are always interested in purchasing large lots of off lease or used notebook and computers from educational institutions, government installations, corporate liquidations, closing businesses and leasing suppliers. If you have laptops, computers or electronics that you would like to sell, just email us.

Whether you have one unit or one hundred,  buys back almost all makes and models of used laptops and notebooks. If you have lots of different models, just email us with general information and we will contact you. After that you can give us the exact specifications of the different models you wish to sell. It’s that easy to deal with us when selling your used laptop, notebooks, computers, cameras, GPS's,  SLR, digital camera, LED or any other electrical appliance.

Interested in a new laptop or upgrading from your old laptop? Here at SWAPitOUT we offer a trade-in value for used laptops, old notebook and computers. Contact us and we will let you know what is possible regarding a trade-in value for your used laptop on a newer one. Choose from our wide selection of factory refurbished notebook computers or New laptops and we will apply the credit to your current selection. It’s that easy..